Specialist Construction Supplies


Our range of timber flooring includes the following:

Engineered Flooring:

Our engineered Flooring is manufactured using a hardwood top layer, with a birch plywood base. Engineered Floors Provide exceptional strength and stability which helps control the floors natural tendency to expand and contract, making engineered flooring ideal for developments with under floor heating. Our Engineered flooring is available in both FSC and non FSC accredited, both carry a 5 year guarantee. The product is coated with seven coats of UV finish and is suitable for sanding and re‑lacquering if required.

Solid Flooring:

We offer an extensive range of solid wood flooring, available in a vast array of hardwoods and styles, the flooring is available either prefinished or unfinished to enable sanding and finish to meet your requirements.

All of our flooring is manufactured to order to meet your requirements. We welcome enquiries for both residential and commercial projects.

Sample: ../file/20/Boca-Grain.jpg

Boca Grain

Sample: ../file/20/Bogeda-Bay-Grain.jpg

Bogeda Bay Grain

Sample: ../file/20/Coffee-Grain.jpg

Coffee Grain

Sample: ../file/20/Cognac-Grain.jpg

Cognac Grain

Sample: ../file/20/Dove-Grey.jpg

Dove Grey

Sample: ../file/20/Glagow-Grey-Grain.jpg

Glagow Grey Grain

Sample: ../file/20/Hamptons-Grain.jpg

Hamptons Grain

Sample: ../file/20/Milka-1-Grain.jpg

Milka 1 Grain

Sample: ../file/20/Milka-2-Grain.jpg

Milka 2 Grain

Sample: ../file/20/Monterey-Grain.jpg

Monterey Grain

Sample: ../file/20/Natural-Maple-Grain.jpg

Natural Maple Grain

Sample: ../file/20/Natural-Oak-Grain.jpg

Natural Oak Grain

Sample: ../file/20/Nougat-Grain.jpg

Nougat Grain

Sample: ../file/20/Seaside-Grain.jpg

Seaside Grain

Sample: ../file/20/Smoke-Grain.jpg

Smoke Grain

Sample: ../file/20/Tuscany-Brown-Grain.jpg

Tuscany Brown Grain

Sample: ../file/20/Wenge-Black-Grain.jpg

Wenge Black Grain

Sample: ../file/20/Wheat-Grain.jpg

Wheat Grain