Specialist Construction Supplies


When placing an order with us you have the assurance that all materials are subjected to our Quality inspection carried out by highly qualified inspection team prior to being dispatched. With certain materials our inspection team will carry out inspection during manufacture and are able to offer assistance to the manufacturer during production.

The vast majority of our orders, include a quality inspection prior to shipment which is included within the quotation, the inspection will differ depending on the product being supplied, this ensures our client satisfaction once the product arrives at its destination.

Due to having our own Inspection team based in Asia, we can also carry out inspection on behalf of our clients who just requires this service we are able to offer to the following independent services at any location within Asia.

  1. Pre Order Inspections and Audits
  2. Inspections of Raw Material Storage
  3. Pre Shipment Inspections

All inspections are undertaken by one of our professional qualified engineers who will provide both a written report together with photographs of the product.