Specialist Construction Supplies


Specialist Construction Supplies (SCS) recognise the increasing world‑wide interest in the use of fibre reinforcement in many different construction applications, including: Industrial Floors, External Pavements, Precast Elements, Mortars, Screeds, Renders, Composite Floors and Tunnel Linings. In response to this growing demand we are able to source high quality fibre reinforcement products from a market leading manufacturer who has extensive knowledge of the technical, practical and economic benefits of using micro‑synthetic, macro‑synthetic and steel fibre reinforcement in concrete and other cementitious materials.

As a result of this partnership we can offer guidance on the best individual product or indeed combination of products for specific applications. We are also able to offer alternative designs for internal and external floor slab applications allowing you to maximise the potential cost savings when using fibres as an alternative to traditional fabric reinforcement.

Whether your requirements are for increased crack resistance in both plastic and hardened state concrete, increased toughness/durability or resistance to explosive spalling in concrete when exposed to high temperature fires, SCS can provide the ultimate fibre reinforcement solutions.

Sample: http://www.betleywhitehorne.com/clients/scs/file/6/Propex-Macro-Synthetic-Fibre.jpg


Sample: http://www.betleywhitehorne.com/clients/scs/file/6/Propex-Micro-Synthetic-Fibre.jpg


Sample: http://www.betleywhitehorne.com/clients/scs/file/6/Propex-Fibre-Combinations.jpg


Sample: http://www.betleywhitehorne.com/clients/scs/file/6/Propex-Steel-Fibre.jpg

Steel Fibres